We departed from Windsor Locks, CT and rode through incredibly hilly territory. Really, the day was dull and strenuous. Somewhere in Connecticut, David rolled through tar on a road. It got in his fender and on his tires and was just generally unpleasant. The other interesting thing that happened on this day is that we passed out of CT, into Rhode Island, and out into Massachusetts, all within 10 miles. Both state lines lacked pomp, or even signs. The last 10 miles into our campground were interesting. The temperature plummeted very quickly and the day became stormy. We had a sense that we needed to set up camp a$ap so we’d have a tent to retreat into when the rain started. But when we pulled into our campground, it was weirdly like a ghost town, with no one to let us in and no one at any of the campsites. Also, this campground wasn’t actually a campground but really was just a neighborhood where a bunch of people had permanently planted their RVs and put up lawn ornaments. We entered the campground thinking we could find a place to quickly eat, tent up, and pay in the morning, but again it was the weirdest campground ever and wherever we looked down all it’s winding dirt lanes we could not seem to find ourselves a spot. Finally in desperation we set up camp in a place that was almost definitely one of the RV’s backyards (??) but they weren’t home so it was alright… Basically, it was a super weird situation and we didn’t get showers or anything, we just ate, slept (it rained all night), and left early in the morning without even hanging around to eat breakfast. Unfortunately, once we got off on the wrong foot (dirty, hungry, and rushed), things never really got better. We were in the middle of some cold, rainy, windy weather that chilled us to the bone despite our layers. It was hilly, and difficult to shift our gears for the hills because our hands were so numb with the cold. After a while Hillary said, I want to stop. So david looked at the map and found a motel 20 miles away. So we rode there and were happy. It was extremely homey and near a laundromat – that’s another thing, we hadn’t had any luck with laundry lately and all our clothes were either wet or dirty or both – and so we just hunkered down there for the rest of the day. We hung out everything to dry, since literally everything was wet, from the inside of our tent to our canister of oatmeal. We were most pleased by our warm showers and were very happy. We replanned our route to account for the 30 lost miles, and everything worked out. The next day was beautiful as though it never had been nasty weather at all. It was a great ride, with pretty country and blue skies and picnic lunch on a rock wall. Now we’re in Exeter, NH and tomorrow we’ll ride to Scarborough, ME. Crossing our last state border wow! Stay tuned for our final THREE days of riding









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