We got to New York hullo (Hillary’s perspective)
We decided at the last minute to take the SEPTA train all the way from Philadelphia to New York because it was reasonably priced and raining and faster and safer than what we had originally planned, which was a combination of bike and train between the two cities. So oops train again but anyway here we are in Mew York. It’s a good thing we did that because it saved us about three hours that we then used to see a classical music concert of Alvin Lucier new music performed by the members of the band Sunn0))). Well actually the whole concert experience was a mixed bag because we skipped dinner to go to it and it was standing room only with no A/C and I (Hillary) had gone a little too long without water also so0o0 I wound up sitting in the lobby for the whole thing because I didn’t feel very good with all that but. Anyway, our NYC lodging situation is super fun and good because we’re staying with the family of a girl I met who’s currently on a bike tour herself, to California. And her brother at home who sweetly made our beds and showed us around the house has also done a cycling tour in the north (when he was 16!). They have one rather large dog and one rather small dog, and we are sleeping on a pull-out sofa, which is way cushier than the hostel mattresses, so to all of this we say, hooray. This is our first day in NY and we’ll be here two more days then take the train a little ways out of town (bypassing the chaos as much as possible) to Connecticut, and thennnnn we’ll roll out on our last leg of the big journey to Maine.

Philadelphia to New York (David’s perspective)
In order to get to New York from Philadelphia, we planned to ride from our hostel to a trail station in Trenton, New Jersey, and to take a train into the city. The morning of, we figured that we could skip the scary city riding, and take a train from downtown Philadelphia to Trenton. So… We rode the 6 miles into the city down the Schuylkill river trail, passed the art museum and Benjamin Franklin parkway one last time, and took an elevator down into the subway. We awkwardly stumbled onto the train and shoved our bikes into a corner. A police officer sitting across us talked about how he was only a cop for the adrenaline rush. As the train pulled into Trenton, we saw in huge letters on a bridge “Trenton makes, the world takes,” which was funny. At the train station in Trenton, we bought tickets and RAN to our departing train. We boarded a car made specifically for bikes on the new, space age train. We passed pretty New Jersey countryside, and saw the skyline of the city before we went underground.

Back to CombinationHillaryandDavid perspective:
In New York we ate street food (knishes), looked at as much art as we possibly could (MoMA, MoMA PS1, a show for Sophie Calle, the Guggenheim, and (on its second to last day! Phew made it!) the Whitney Biennial. We were staying in Hastings-on-Hudson, a town outside of NYC easily accessible by the MetroNorth commuter rail. So by day we subway-ed to this and that activity (as I said, chiefly art exhibitions), and by night we came to this small pleasant town by the river and to a home where we felt entirely welcomed and cared for, which to me was really the best part of the whole New York experience. Our hosts not only gave us a place to sleep and wash up, they also made us brownies and blueberry pancakes, the greatest treat for two deprived wanderers like ourselves. But wait there’s more! They had two dogs: Lucky, a border collie/wolf (they don’t know his breed), and Nellie, a Jack Russell who behaved as if she had alka-seltzer fizzing in her blood all the time, which is to say, she was absolutely wiggling jumping licking wiggling at every moment without rest. We so appreciated their (our human hosts’) hospitality and liked them very much as generous, thoughtful people who spend their free time doing all the most wonderful things like canoeing and hiking and reading and gardening. We left Hastings on the train and rode out to Waterbury, CT. We overheard a lil boy a few seats up from us asking his mom if there was pizza in Waterbury Connecticut. Indeed, it was a strange and different place. We ended up riding through a weird part of town, and when we got to the woods, they were dirty and overgrown with brush. But, regardless of the scenery, it still was nice to get away from the city and to be back on the bikes. That night we got into Windsor Locks, Massachusetts, where our adventure cycling map route picks back up and takes us on to Maine. We did a strange thing that night which must be admitted – after many nights of beans on the camp stove, we got Chinese take-out. Ha!

Following are pictures of:
The road our philadelphia hostel was on, and the horse stables next dor to our hostel. Boathouse Row where David raced! The Philadelphia skyline, bike paths, and GReEn bike lanes!
Our bikes and ourselves on the train(s) out of Philly and into NY; Hastings-on-Hudson upon arrival. Grand Central Station, Lucky the dog, the Guggenheim, the Whitney, just NYC, and our ride in Connecticut. Phew! Sorry – we can’t use the caption feature on this little iPod computer.