We awoke again before our hosts in the morning, packed and made breakfast as the Morrissey family emerged. We talked to Rene some about their past residences in Washington state, Canada, and New Orleans as we ate. We never figured out what he did for a living. We interacted with the kids as everyone got ready for school. Otis decided to challenge Jannelle to a game of Candlyland in our room, and of course we were embroiled in the epic drama of their journey to Candyland Castle. By the time the game was over, we were done packing up our things and were ready to go. This was bad news to the kids, since we were supposed to have our turn with Candyland, but we sadly turned down dear Lord Licorice and got on the road. It was a foggy morning and threatening rain, so we had our rain gear on hand. It never did pour, but only turned out to be a nice cool overcast day. It’s sort of incredible how much more energy we had riding without the sun blazing down on us. We rode 10 miles as Richmond thinned out and surrendered to fields and historical markers and old churches and the like. The ride twisted and turned, and rolled up and down. The best part was zooming past a horse farm into a wooded valley. A bit later, we passed a Stonewall Jackson memorial, and then something special happened. We crossed the county line into … Spotsylvania county. The best county! (David’s dog is named Spot). Pretty soon, suburban Fredericksburg appeared, and we arrived at our hosts’ house an hour before they were scheduled to get home from work. That was alright because we just sat and typed this blog, because it takes forever to type on this little iPod. Vikki White arrived and was real nice and let us into the house. It was an incredible house on an incredible property. There’s hundreds of feet of elevation difference between the street and the bottom of their backyard. Bruce got there a little later, but went out again to go on a short bike ride around the city. When he got back, we all went to Golden Corral! We ate a really weird pile of food from the buffet, trying to get as much protein as possible. We talked over dinner about all sorts of things like how they ride a tandem bike together and how they’ve travelled the country and seen and done so much, and their Boy Scout troop and how they work in the same office together and have pet snakes and make mulch and topsoil for a living but all their business happens in a chaotic rush in the spring and then the rest of the year they’re free and easy. They were so generous and kind. Thanks Bruce thanks Vikki! We went to bed once we got home and luxuriated in having sheets, pillows, and a real-deal mattress.


The Morrisey’s kitchen area?


Absorbed in Candyland


The Morrisey’s backyard?


Front of the Morrisey’s house?


When we rode past this we could smell all the flavoring extracts






Pulling over



1750s church



We stopped for lunch next to these horses’ pasture and they came to investigate



David picked me flowers


David dog name spot




The Whites’ backyard


The Whites’ basketball court ?


The Whites’ bocce ball court ??


The Whites’ house