We woke up, we hung out. Hillary talked on the phone. Then, we went to the Nasher Museum of Art at Duke with our pal Janelle. It was white, and big. We saw a Campbell’s soup can, ancient art, more Warhol, Peta Coyne, a large exhibit on a globe-trotting black painter associated with the Harlem Renaissance, the best Japanese video art, a mirror with a rose on it, art from Nigeria, art from Peru. It was great.
After that, we went to a trendy take-off on Cracker Barrel. It was called, peter and moose, I think, or not. The food was good and so was their stock of soda and rifle paper co. Hutch mysteriously appeared in all black. We went to bright leaf square. After that we all napped except for I rode my bike to REI to get a new cassette and Hillary sat under a tree to read. For some reason, when I rode my bike in Durham, I got lots of particles in my eyes. I don’t know why. Then, zach prepared an artisanal dinner of sweet potatoes, free form guacamole, rice, peppers, and beans. Wow it was a great meal. After admiring Janelle’s dish washing style, we decided to watch ghost busters, which 3 out of 4 of us hadn’t seen. One of the characters in that movie is named Louis Tully. We ate candy canes. We went to sleep and the day was over

Looking at art

David and flower