water bottles. tire pump. paniers. rando bag. front & rear lights. charger for lights. helmet. bike lock and key.

cycling shoes. cycling socks. base layers top and bottom. jerseys. sports bras. cycling cap. cycling shorts. 

rain coat and rain pants. 0 day clothing, a skirt and shirt and nike shorts. my it’s-a-long-story onitsuka tigers.

sleeping bag in a dry sack. sleeping pad (my hips still bruise anyway). tent, designated 1+

toothbrush/paste and floss. gotta have my floss.

hand-sanitizer. for those in the know: Pstyle. don’t google that if you’re not in the know.

shampoo. conditioner. soap. towel. tampons. toilet paper. washcloth. wet wipes. first aid. sunscreen. chamois butter. 

salt and pepper. bowls. a pot. a pan. spork. butter knife. lighter. pocket rocket. fuel. emergency food.

cash. chewing gum. journal and pen. postage stamps. Three Lives, by Gertrude Stein (finished “The Good Anna.” two lives left.).

credit card and drivers license. cell phone and charger. pocket knife. directions. david.